La Rueda Tienda Hispana y Flea Market

This is the name of a Hispanic shop in Wilson’s Mills, NC. Many people ask about the name, …well “la rueda” means “the wheel” in Spanish and I choose this name because I think the wheel was a great discovery for humanity and this is my first business, so I feel like if I am discovering “the wheel” something that although is not new at all, it’s new for me. “tienda hispana” means Hispanic shop in Spanish, …and that is what we are trying to do, and “flea market” because we can say we inherit this from the previous owner that use to operate a flea market in the weekends there. We are following this “tradition” and by now are giving free space for people who want to come and sell something they are not using.

This place use to be a Thrift shop and a flea market, we came with the idea of making a Hispanic shop and buy all the existing inventory from the previous owner. Initially we though to sell quick all the use stuff we buy …but soon we realize this business was more profitable than the Hispanic groceries so we keep it too. So now we sell used stuff that we buy like computers, tools, toys, appliances, ..etc, used stuff that people bring us and left in consignment, Hispanic groceries, like beans, tortillas, juices, Hispanic drinks and so on, prepaid phone cards to call Mexico centroamerica and …the rest of the world, also offer money transfer services through Viamerica and Sigue, and in the weekends we “rent” space outside and sell our own stuff like a flea market.

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